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18 June 2013 @ 02:57 pm
Master and Hound by joolabee
Sherlock/John, John/Mary // PG-13 // Author's summary: It feels so obvious. It’s not in the wrinkles of his clothes or the colour of his teeth or even hiding in his nail beds, but it might as well be.

This is Sherlock being all sad and longing for John and John being married to Mary and completely clueless. It's a premise that can go really wrong if handled badly, but one I love when it's handled well as it is here. I like the tone of the story and the style the author wrote it in a lot. The little snippets of things about how much a giraffe's heart weighs, the sounds lonely whales make and flies being in love interspersed between the rest is really cool and very Sherlock Holmes.

Upon the Removal of a Finish by ASongofSixpence
Sherlock/John, John/Mary, Sherlock/Irene // G // Author's summary: And it's sad because what John doesn’t know is this: It was never a suicide note. It was a love letter.

Similar story premise to the one above. This is done differently, but also done well. Sherlock pines from afar here rather than dealing with it right in front of him all the time. It's interesting. I also fully support the idea of John decking him a few times once he finds out he's alive--in canon, but it works in fic, too. I like the UST of this as well, how they don't just hop into bed together once Sherlock's not dead and John knows. I like him still not getting what he wanted, but being okay with that.

Back in the Day by KeelieThompson1
Sherlock/John, Sherlock/OMC, others mentioned // NC-17 // Author's summary: A Johnlock story set while John is at university and an AU in that this time Sherlock is the one who's a few years older and is trying to find something to keep his interest in London after getting bored and being thrown out of Uni.

I really loved this. It's incredibly long, I mean like novel length, so be aware of that and set aside the time to read it. There's really so much to this because it's so long that I can't begin to list what I liked about it without spoiling it completely. I enjoyed the whole thing, though I will say the author badly needed an editor for the first half of the story. There are typos, but they're not that big a deal and they can be ignored. I applaud the author for the way she handled the drug use and abuse throughout the story. I've read a lot of stories where authors mess it up or pretty it up or wave a magic writer wand and fix the drug addicted character for the sake of a happy ending. That isn't how it happened here and I really loved that. Some really awful things happen because of the drugs, it causes problems, the drug addict promises to change and then really doesn't and so on. It's also very in character to me most of the time. I also liked the original characters through the story. They were developed and actually good characters, not a mary sue among them. There is a sequel which I haven't read yet that I am not ashamed to say terrifies me. I've read a lot of good stories with terrible sequels and I hope it isn't one of those.
18 June 2013 @ 02:19 pm
Perfect Beautiful Good by OnYourMark
Peter/Elizabeth, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal // NC-17 // Author's summary: Neal Caffrey doesn't know it, but he's probably the best thing that ever happened to Peter and Elizabeth's sex life.

I was honestly surprised that I liked this as much as I did. I'm not a huge fan of this fandom's OT3, mostly because of how it is usually handled. I read the summary and fully expected some D/s or bondage thing that would have me hitting my back button in about a paragraph. It is handled more as a polyamorous relationship. I started reading the story wanting not to like it. I ended up really enjoying it, which was a wonderful surprise. Story is told from Elizabeth's POV mostly and that actually worked here very well. I feel I have to say that I hate the title though. It's awful and the author, because she wrote a damn good story, should have been able to come up with something better.

Living Proof by Deastar
Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth // NC-17 // Author's summary: The thing about Neal is that he is always in Peter’s personal space. “Hello, Officer,” he says, batting his eyelashes in a way that probably even a sixteen-year-old knows isn’t actually seductive. Teenage hooker AU.

This was funny and sweet and fun to read. It is probably not for everyone, so do read the warnings. I enjoyed it a lot though. The characterization was really great and the tension caused by the situation with Peter and Neal was well developed and not dismissed or hand-waved. Even though I enjoyed it, there are still a lot of things about it that forced me to suspend disbelief. They are, however, technical things having more to do with how the legal system works and how people are actually recruited to the FBI--vs. how they are not. I also found Elizabeth's reaction to her husband's relationship with Neal to be really weird, even if I also thought it was sweet of her. But it shouldn't be that difficult to happily ignore all of that for the sake of an enjoyable read. The author's other White Collar fic is also good and worth reading, though much shorter than this one.
11 June 2013 @ 03:22 pm
I am really surprised by how long it's been since I posted any recs here. I have cut back a lot on fan fic reading, but I do occasionally binge, which is what I've been doing. Right now, I have time for these two.

A Perpendicular Expression by leupagus.
Joss Carter, John Reese ~ Gen // PG // Author's summary: Pissing Finch off never actually ends well; usually it ends like this, with John scaring the shit out of her at two in the morning.

Not very long or plotty, but very in character and funny. I enjoyed the way the author depicted Reese as I tend to find his psychotic behavior amusing. I don't really like Carter being "Joss" in narration just because it threw me a little. I know it's her name, but still. Otherwise, very cool little fic and well worth reading.

why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute by leupagus.
Harold Finch/John Reese // PG-13 // Author's summary: “It’s perfectly logical. We’re bound to be caught at some point together, and as far as I can see there’s no downside to connecting Mr. Warren to Mr. Wren socially. We’ll have an easier time explaining ourselves being together if we’re observed being together, and since you’ve vetoed all of my suggestions for activities that you could take up—“

“I’m not joining a bowling league, Harold,” John says firmly.

The story is mostly told from the POV of people who work in the offices of Harold and Reese's aliases, Harold Wren and John Warren. It's really cute the way they take an interest in their relationship and the back and forth emails and IMs are hilarious. The author is spot-on with her characterization and I love it. It's cute and funny and the way John is with Harold is precious and how they don't know they're gay for each other before someone tells them is a mystery but also totally in character.
16 December 2011 @ 05:09 am
wake up next to you by maichan.
Sam/Dean // PG-13

There is so much to love about this, where to start? The anatomy, I love that. It is wonderful and as someone who dabbles artistically, it's enviable. I am in love with Sam's hand in Dean's hair. It's pretty. His neck and his shoulder, too. Dean's half asleep/still asleep look. The coloring shades that make it feel like early morning. Dean's smattering of freckles and his eyelashes and the way he looks like even asleep he's responding to the kissing. ♥

16 by Sunday779
Jensen/Jared // PG (?)

This is slightly festive for the holiday. There are Christmas lights, anyway. I like this because it feels like the whole thing is a story, like if you look close you'll see more details the second and third time that you didn't at first. Jensen leaning in the doorway with that amused, lazy look on his face is probably my favorite part. That and the mess on the counter and the look on Jared's face, all anxious and just... their faces. They are expressive. She has captured that perfectly. And Jared Padalecki making flap-jacks in the nude is always awesome.

illustration for Diary of a Madman by quickreaver.
Sam // G

This is an illustration for a story I have not read, Diary of a Madman by monicawoe. The expression on his face is so great and she captured it wonderfully. I love the light and the atmosphere of the piece and the details that stand out like the frost on the glass around Sam's hand, the shine in his eyes, the little Mona Lisa smile he's got. It's a great portrait of a darker Sam.

Supernatural's Flying Circus by ash48, maichan with input from deirdre_c.
No pairing, show cast // PG (?)

I almost never rec them, but this is a fan video. It is wonderful and hilarious and amazing and very creative. It's Supernatural mixed with Monty Python and it's hysterical. Very well put together, too. It looks really great and is a lot of fun.
16 December 2011 @ 04:15 am

Counting the Hours by kingly_queen.
Jareth/Sarah // NC-17 // Summary: Jareth wonders how many times history would repeat itself before all is said and done.

I liked the style of this a lot. The writer doesn't seem that experienced, but with practice could become very good. It is well written, though, don't misunderstand me. There were a few things that I personally didn't find appealing, such as a sex scene that seemed mostly unnecessary, but that is one of those things that can be a matter of opinion. I loved the characterization of Jareth in this. He was both wicked and dark and still not. Very anti-hero, which I loved. She wrote both characters well and made them interesting, my only complaint is the sex scene, which felt irrelevant to me and kind uncomfortable within the story itself. Still, a good read and well worth the time. Besides, you could always disagree with me.

Breaking Bad
Killing Time (Just Don't Leave) by readishmael.
Walter/Jesse // NC-17 // Summary: After 3x13, Walt and Jesse find themselves in limbo, and Jesse's emotional instability and neediness combine with Walt's competing desires to protect and exploit him to spark a change in their relationship.

I really, really loved this. I only recently watched the show and I watched it all at once in about a week, just gobbled it all up like candy-coated crack nuggets. There is a sad lack of fic or fandom activity at all for this show, too. But I read this and it was awesome. I loved the character voices, the writer's dialog was so them to me and I maybe have a real thing for Jesse calling Walter "Mr. White," it's just cute and hot. Yes, this was hot. I read this, sex scenes included, and loved every bit of it. The ending kind of just ends, but it's still thought-provoking in a way, at least to me. Might just be because I dwell on things like that, but still. Awesome. I will say I disagree with the author's claim that the relationship is D/s. There's an imbalance of power going on in some ways, but those aspects of the story fall in line with the characters in the show too, the way that Walter is a control freak and Jesse seeks his approval. Yes. Very much yes, but that doesn't make it D/s, not to me. Maybe if you are looking for it or want to see it that way, I suppose it could be. Anyway, wonderful story, I loved it and highly recommend it.

Sixty Years in a Water Tower by Meltha.
No pairing, cast // G // Summary: Wakko, Yakko, and Dot: the missing years.

Yes, I am really recc'ing cartoon fan fiction. No, it's not cartoon porn. Thank God because that's disgusting. I'm open to a lot of fandoms and I like to think I'm fairly open-minded, but no. I will never rec anything like that on here. But anyway, regarding the story, it cracked me up, plain and simple. It's cute and funny and the writer follows right along with the tone of humor I remember from when Animaniacs was on TV. The character voices are so great that I can actually hear them saying these things. Slappy the Squirrel, my God do I love her.


Dangerous Proximity by selfoblivion
Sylar and Elle or could be Sylar/Elle I suppose // G

I guess Heroes was a pretty big fandom back in the day, but I missed it as I was otherwise occupied and not always in possession of a television back then. But I'm catching up on it with my handy Netflix account and I always liked Sylar. This is one of my favorite scenes from the show, too. It's beautifully illustrated here and the colors are so great. The light actually seems to glow. The detail is stunning and I love it so much, it's my new desktop because it's relevant to my current interests. Sylar without a shirt and that mrow look on his face if you were wondering what that might be.

Tron Legacy
many drawings by basalt.
Tron/Alan // G

I really just like the art and the comic book/graphic novel style of the artist. A couple of the drawings are cute, too, in their way. Pinky touching and such. It's sweet. I'm not actually familiar with the pairings or the popularity of the pairings in this fandom, either, so my opinion of these is based mostly on the art. I have seen the movie, though, so there's that.
09 December 2011 @ 11:53 am
I just have the one fan art right now. Haven't read anything in this fandom in a while, unfortunately.

Compromising by technoranma.
James T. Kirk/Spock // PG (?)

Their faces and their hands and their expressions are just a few of the things I love about this piece. Spock's hand on Kirk's arm ♥ Kirk's finger on his mouth ♥ It's cute and kind of sexy and also really great art.
08 December 2011 @ 06:27 pm
Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but things have been hectic and fic hasn't been high up on my list of priorities. I thought I'd post some recs though, what with the holidays bringing in so much stuff. People who write are all super busy with fests and exchanges and people who read well, they don't have a lot to do but wait and see. Hopefully there will be something in this post or one of the next ones that you'll enjoy. Happy holidays to everyone.


He Sleeps in the Ruins by 1shotjunkie.
Sam/Jensen, Sam/Dean (implied) // NC-17 // Author's summary: It’s over and there’s nothing left but ghosts to haunt Sam.

This is an older fic, from sometime in 2007, and I rec it here only because it is that awesome and I thought I had rec'd it here before, but I didn't. This is a SPN/RPF cross-over and probably one of the best I've ever read of the type. It's been a long time since I read it, so I don't remember it all in great detail, but I remember loving it to bits. There is this pervasive sense of sadness throughout the entire thing and when it gets to the end, it just kind of hits you in the gut with it. You hope for a happy ending, though, all the way to the end.

Long Shadows and Gunpowder Eyes by fleshflutter.
Sam/Jensen // NC-17 // Author's summary: Sam is alone in prison, until Jensen is brought in.

Another RPF cross over, but in a totally different genre. I read this because I have a bit of a thing for the whole prison idea, so most of the time, I will give it a shot no matter what. I went on reading this all the way through because it was really good. I liked that the author didn't just put them together right away or make it easy on them both because Sam is so hot or Jensen is so pretty, etc. I liked that there was actual story to it and that Sam wasn't totally on board with the idea at first but warmed up to it because it had to become about the sex instead of starting out that way. I don't know how else to explain that, but if you read it, you should understand. It will satisfy your prison sex kink (if you've got one), but it's not just about that, there is story there, too.

Bridge by thunder_nari.
Nick/Jimmy // R // Author's summary: For two years, Jimmy never had to think, he never had to feel. Now Castiel is gone and he can't do either. For one year, all Nick felt was overwhelming hatred and pain. Now Lucifer is gone and that's all he feels. Jimmy doesn't feel enough, Nick feels too much, so they try to find a way to bridge the gap and balance each other out. Naturally this all happens on Sam's sofa. An AU from 5.22 Swan Song.

I will admit to checking this out based completely on the pairing and my initial wtf reaction. I'm not ashamed of that. It turned out to be one of the best things I've read in this fandom in a while. I liked how the author shows the internal conflict of the characters in the aftermath of what they've been through as vessels. The possibility that Sam and Dean would be more okay and able to move on than they would be is interesting to me and so is the exploration of Nick and Jimmy as characters themselves, which the show did kind of brush over and ignore. How they bond with each other makes sense, though I'm not entirely sure about their automatic leap from friendship into a relationship without a hitch. That did make me pause. It seems like there would have been a bit more hesitation and conflict regarding that to me, but it's not a big deal. I can sort of see it. Well written and very enjoyable to read.


An Unkindness of Crows by leyna55.
Dean/Castiel (also Anna) // G

These are illustrations for a story I haven't read, so my opinion of them is based entirely on the art. It is amazing artwork and I love the idea of taking the movie The Crow and putting an SPN spin on it. There are a lot of parallels to take inspiration from. The illustrations are just beautiful, the light and the faces and really just everything. Castiel with blood on his coat standing in a flower garden full of light ♥ I can see how getting the harlequin face to look right on Misha would be difficult, too, but she managed it well.

Head for the Exits by leyna55.
Dean/Castiel // Two G rated and one NSFW (R?)

So much love for Castiel's superhero costume in this. It looks amazing. I especially love the first illustration for the detail and the light. The contrast of Castiel in the shadows and Dean in the light is so pretty. Once again, illustrations for a story I have not read, so my opinion comes entirely from the art itself. Which I love a lot.

Peanuts SPN Xmas by maichan.
Dean & Sam // G

So cute. They work really well as the Peanuts characters, too.

Dean/Castiel drawings by tooquickly.
Dean/Castiel // G

I love the artist's style here. They are sketchy and still detailed. Also, Dean in the first picture is really cute to me for some reason. It's probably the freckles, I don't even know why.

All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty by quickreaver.
Sam, Dean, Ruby // PG (?)

I intend to read the story behind these, honestly. The art is intriguing enough that I'm curious to know what someone else saw in it and wrote. Anyway, the art is lovely. I especially love the black and white drawings and I think my favorite is the one of Sam and Ruby. Their eyes and their expressions and the light, all of it.
29 September 2011 @ 12:45 pm
I really only care about the new Doctor Who and have seen maybe half of two episodes of older Doctor Who, so you won't ever find that fic here. Sorry if that's your thing. If it's not your thing and you like the new Doctor Who like I do, enjoy. Don't forget to comment to the authors if you like something, it's always appreciated.

Leave The Light On by cherryice.
No pairing, Jack Harkness // PG // Summary: The summer Jack was fifteen, his sister stepped out of the world. "Gone for pomegranates," the note on the kitchen table said, black marker and a backward slant.

Loved this a lot. The writing and just the overall story telling of it was really good. The way she gets into the character and sort of just goes deeper, under some of Jack's usual outwardly positive manner was cool. I liked the back story she offers here and it's believable and even a little mysterious. Even though the atmosphere of the story is serious, the characters are all really in character to me, too.

The Boy Who Waited by be_a_rebel.
Amy/Rory, Rory/Eleven, hints of Amy/Eleven // PG-13 // Author's summary: He’s the boy who waited for Amy Pond. He won’t be the boy who waited for the Doctor.

I love Rory, he's an awesome character, and the author's take on him in this was wonderful. He's so in love with Amy, but there's also this unresolved sexual tension with the Doctor, which I actually have not been one of the people to see that in the show until very recently. Especially with Eleven, I have a hard time seeing him as sexual anyway, but there is something going on with Rory these days. Maybe just that the Doctor grew to respect and like him, which this story has a lot of, that growing relationship.
28 September 2011 @ 12:27 pm
Five Things Jason Street Was the First to Say by hth_the_first.
Jason/Lyla/Tim (sort of) // R // Author's summary: None given.

This was a great character study, which I think is what the author intended it to be anyway. Kind of like pre-threesome (if there is such a thing), which was interesting. The way she sets it up is pretty believable, too, because of how the characters were. I'm not really a big Lyla fan, but I didn't hate her in this. It was a nice read.

Simply a reflection of your own self by sinsense.
Tim/Landry // NC-17 // Author's summary: At age ten, Landry Clarke's Pee-Wee football coach told him he was a sorry excuse for a girl, and that his grandma was better with a football.

I loved this a lot. The character voice was awesome and made me laugh sometimes, which is always cool and makes the story more enjoyable. Landry in this was really great and I liked how it was told from his POV. I liked her insight into the characters and the dialog was just so them.

40 Miles North of Presidio by therealjae.
Tim/OMC // R // Author's summary: Tim sets out on the road and ends up in a place he never expected.

This is really good. The characters are well written and developed, even the original ones. The OMC is pretty cool and not even remotely Mary Sue-like, which is always so great to find, not to mention rare. There's slash, but sex is mostly implied and not graphic, which in this case I am of two minds about. In a way, I think a little more might have made it better, but then I've seen really good stories ruined by the addition of sex scenes that didn't work, so I'm pretty much okay with it not actually being shown in this. The atmosphere of this is nice and her insight into Tim Riggins's character seems very real and true. I can see him doing this or going this way--if, of course, he didn't get arrested etc and go the way he did in canon, obv. I'm pretty sure this was written before the show finale, though. This is also loosely connected to a series of similar stories that the author wrote about various other FNL characters, which I have not had the chance to read yet, but you can find them here if you are interested. This one was good enough that they would probably be worth checking out.
16 September 2011 @ 11:32 pm
Grounded by vicious_sock.
Rated: R probably

Pretty and super hot. I like all the symbols and details in this. And really, it's angel bondage, which is kind of awesome in its own right.

perish song by letoist.
Rated: G, maybe PG

The composition of this is really uneven, which actually I like because all that empty space gives it a really weird, almost expectant feeling. Little details like the framed picture on the wall and the water stains on the wallpaper are also really great.

It's just so Sassy by daggomus_prime.
Rated: PG I think

Love this so, so much. I'm a big huge dork of a fangirl when it comes to comic book and comic style art and this is so great. And cute, and I want to know why they're so sad, but I like not knowing, too, because then I can just kinda make it up. Also, the second to the last cell is ♥ That little peek of tongue where their mouths meet is unf.
14 September 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Sorry it's been a while. I was without internet over the summer and then getting back into a routine once I got back to college, but I'm online now a lot of the time. Haven't read much just lately, but I was told to read this and I did and here you go.

The Sound of the Ocean is Dead by portraitofafool.
Danny/Steve // NC-17 // Author's Summary: It's terrible the way fifty eight hours can feel like forever. Like it will never end.

I don't read fic in this fandom often, mostly because I don't watch this show unless there's nothing else on and I pass it while surfing, but I think sometimes watching the show is really insignificant to whether or not a story is good and worth reading. This is a pretty long story, so be prepared to dedicate some real time to it if you read it. Also, it's very important that you pay attention to the warnings.

I loved the narrative voice of this story. The writer fits the thoughts of the characters into the base story so that it's like seeing it through their eyes. The way it's done seems to imitate the skipping, disjointed, often confused stress of the situation. The POV shifts between the two characters of Steve and Danny, but it's always clear who is who. You can see, feel and sympathize with what they're both going through. The way she used a repeating theme in the imagery that represented Steve's trauma, shock and dissociation was really great. I like that kind of repetition that is not really repetitive because it's a great way to just tie everything tightly together. It gives it a nice rhythm. One of my favorite professional authors uses a similar technique in his books and I love it. I was really impressed with the way all of the back story, right down to very specific details, was worked smoothly into the story so that it continued to flow instead of jarring me out of the story with chunks of an information dump. That can be so difficult to do and do well. It was well done here. Finally, I know some people may not appreciate this about such a story, but I truly loved all of the horrible, disgusting, gory details. I want a story that doesn't pull any punches. If you're going tackle a topic like this, then do it justice and don't sugar-coat it and this is wonderfully nasty and unsweetened.
02 June 2011 @ 02:21 pm
I have new people watching. That is very cool. Hello to you all. I am currently sort of, kind of, but not really on hiatus until I return to college in the fall, so things might get a little slower than normal here until then. Apologies. Anyway, I had this recs post I intended to post here before I left, but I didn't make it, and I had other things I wanted to add to it I think, but the links are on my other computer, unfortunately. Still, I have a few things to rec and if you haven't seen them before, that's awesome. If you like it, leave a comment, too. Writers and artists love that shit.


a season of notus by cassandra_leeds.
Sam/Castiel, Sam/Jimmy // R // Author’s Summary: After Castiel's unexplained and sudden departure, Sam is left to pick up the pieces with a man he doesn't know.

It’s no secret I have a real love for this pairing and yeah I can see potential for angst all over it, but I don’t really think of Castiel just leaving them for some reason. Except I guess he kind of did leave them for a while what with not coming when he was called and all. Anyway, I liked the idea of this, how Sam and Jimmy would maybe be drawn to each other if Castiel ever just disappeared. Sam because of Castiel and Jimmy just because he’s lonely and there’s something there and he can‘t ever go home to his family. It’s a cool idea and it was really sad and pretty. I thought she wrote the characters well and the writing was really good.

An Honest Mistake by paxlux.
Sam/Dean // R // Author’s Summary: They've seen some unbelievable things.

I believe this is first in a series, which I have not read all of, only this one so far. This one was really great, though, so I think the series is worth checking out. I liked the atmosphere of this, which this author is always fantastic at building from the work of hers that I have read. This is a really good blending of plot with character study and angst and yeah, wincest, which I loved. It flowed really well to me without just giving everything away, slowly giving it as the story went on. There’s also really good tension between the brothers and this quiet kind of conflict because of their relationship and how they both are. I am fairly certain the story can also be found on her LJ if you would prefer to read it there, but I came upon it on A03 so that’s the link I’ve got here.


Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright by cafe_de_labeill.
Dean/Castiel // PG I think

Seriously beautiful artwork. The coloring and the light and I love her style, of course. It’s wonderful and sad. I love the details she puts into her work, too, like the crying angel statue in the background and the flowers, those little dots of light that suggest dew. I can’t help thinking after the way the show was going toward the end, though, that Dean probably did it. Probably that’s me and how I view what is going on in canon right now, though. I do wish she would sometimes do other pairings, too, because I love her art so much.

Hope you find something you like. Ta-ta for now.
08 May 2011 @ 02:05 am
I’ve got quite a lot of these hanging out in my bookmarks and forgot about them. Which of course means it’s well past time to post them. Most of these are variations of Doctor/Rose because that’s what I’ve been reading. I’ve never watched more than 5 minutes of a classic Doctor Who episode, which I imagine is to blame for this if there is something needs blaming. These are all fairly short as I don’t usually read WIP’s and people just don’t write really long stuff in this fandom much, sadly.

The Difference by themuslimbarbie.
Ten II/Rose, past Ten/Rose strongly suggested // G to PG, not sure // Author’s Summary: "He isn't you!" Rose cries. "He looks the same, sounds the same, usually he acts the same, but he isn’t you. He isn’t the Doctor. Not really." The Doctor suddenly looks so very old. She can see all of the love and pain and regret flashing in his eyes. "But," he answers slowly, "I'm not him."

I left a fairly long--for me--comment to the writer on this because I was actually surprised that I liked it as much as I did. My advice on this would be to ignore the author’s notes in the header because they might give a false impression. I do and don’t agree with the idea some people have that Ten and Ten II are not the same person, which just means I have my own thoughts on that and it can make reading a story like this difficult for me sometimes, but I really did enjoy the writer’s take on it here. I can see where, regardless of whether or not they are/were the same person, Rose would find it confusing to deal with and come to terms with. I think she captured that strange feeling here pretty well. I also enjoyed the fact that Eleven doesn’t look at Rose the way Ten looked at Rose and I don’t know why I liked that except that it makes so much sense that he might not.

Love Song by damalur.
Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose // G // Author’s Summary: "Oh, she knows," he'd said, and she did. This is how.

I liked the mood and the tone of this a lot. It was solemn and kind of angsty but still she slipped in little things that were amusing to break the tension like the Doctor’s jealousy of Mickey and the little bit about Harry Potter. That was very cute. I do hope that the fest the author originally wrote this for got some attention and that she got comments there because for some reason it doesn’t have any on her journal. One thing I didn’t like about it was that she chose to completely disregard the existence of Ten II. I would always much rather an author explain a character out of the picture if they need to instead of pretend they don’t exist at all. I think it made the ending less conflicted than it would have been if he did exist which may be why she decided to do it, but I still was really disappointed in the story at the end because of this. Very good, though, even so.

Vesuvius (you are all I have) by mannaplowsk.
Gen, Ten, Donna Noble, Adelaide Brooke // PG-13 // Author’s Summary: The Time Lord Victorious, he describes himself to Adelaide, a sort of mad jollity padding the steel in his voice, fluff juxtaposed directly to substance. This is not the moment he falls. Post-Donna, the Doctor descends.

So much love for this fic and all the ways it does things I like. I have this real thing for using religion, fairy tales and mythology in literature and I love to read it when someone does this and carries it off well. This worked for me like that in a lot of ways. It’s not written in a linear kind of story telling way really, but like flashes of memory or significant moments and it’s mostly a character study. It looks at the character of Donna through the eyes of the Doctor and the character of the Doctor through the eyes of Donna and others. The way she wrote it was truly beautiful and I love Donna so much the way she writes her.

the pain of remembering by stillxmyxheart.
Eleven/Rose, mentions of Ten/Rose and Ten II/Rose // PG-13 // Author’s Summary: She lifts her gaze to his face, her brow knitted slightly, though her lips twitch in an amused way, and he suddenly feels as though he can't quite catch his breath.

This was a strange one to me in that it left me wondering about how it would work if this were to happen within canon and Eleven visited Rose between the time she fell into Pete’s World and then Ten leaving her with Ten II on Bad Wolf Bay. She would have already met his future self and know that Ten was going to die. It’s a strange idea and I really liked that about it, how it left that possibility open. And then the idea of him doing that, going back into her past at strategic moments to visit her until he runs out of times when he can is just sad as hell to me. It’s a theme I just seem to not get tired of and this story was really well written and a great take on the idea.

When You Feel My Silence by rowofstars.
Ten II/Rose, mentions of Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose // PG-13 // Author’s Summary: He's not used to a Rose who doesn't want to be touched.

This was really sweet I thought. The author explores the idea of Rose and Ten II figuring out how to be with each other and around each other, which I think is really interesting. She does it well here, showing them as distant and confused, learning how to deal with things and figuring out how it’s going to work. There’s also this real feeling of need from Ten II that I liked a lot because it seems right. I do want to read something that focuses more on both of them learning to cope, especially Ten II, someday but that would have made this much longer and a lot different than I think she intended it to be. It still suggested a kind of turmoil in them both which I enjoyed watching them work out. As it is, it’s cute and a little sad, but it leads to a hopeful conclusion.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of fan art that I’ve seen in this fandom. Too bad, too because there is a lot of great stuff to inspire art. Anyway, I hope you find something you like to read here. If you do, please don’t forget to leave the author a comment.